Wendy Williams Is Off The Market For Now

Wendy Williams is living her best life since she got rid of her unfaithful ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

The popular TV host hit the scene with several famous women and dated a few men and flaunted her curves for the paparazzi.

After hanging up and meeting two men, Wendy found one who seems to have taken all the right notes.
Wendy Williams Is Off The Market For Now — This Is The Man She Has Been Dating Since Divorcing Kevin Hunter
It has been confirmed that for the past few months, Wendy has quietly seen New York jeweler William Selby (also known as Big Will or Willdaboss).

A source spoke to Hollywood Life about this and said, “She has been quietly seeing someone new for a short time now – about a month. He’s the guy she dated last Friday, the one she posted on. They have had secret dinners a few times in the past month. ”

The family friend told the publication, “Wendy tries to keep things as private as possible. She looks really struck and happy. It is still fairly new. ”

In a recent episode of her eponymous talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, the 55-year-old mother was very honest about her love life and said that she had excluded older men.

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