Itatake Launches Gummy Gunslinger Tournament Game Gumslinger On Mobile

Developer Itatake has released a new mobile game with gummy characters in Gumslinger. The new game is now available on the App Store and the Play Store. Along with the game’s release, a new trailer showcasing some of the gummy gumlingers and the gameplay.

Gumslinger offers a world of intense fire candies, skilled fire, and unique shooter missions. While the graphics may look cute and the characters are made up of candy, the game combines skill, competition and physique as well as a variety of gummy and fun characters.Itatake Launches Gummy Gunslinger Tournament Game Gumslinger On Mobile

Gumslinger is a massive game with 64 players around the world in PvPb tournaments. There are a variety of skill missions, weapons to unlock and weapons can be customized with weapon skins.

Although the game does not host 64 players at the same time, their character stats are used to create instances of players to fight in a giant scene.

As for Gumslingers, there are several to collect. They all have soft body physics, so the game isn’t as violent as realistic gun titles. The game itself is intended for players 12 years of age and older.