Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

When you think of stellar open sandbox experiences in games, Grand Theft Auto 5 is usually at the top of this list. It is the culmination of hard work and innovation from Rockstar employees. They know this space better than most.

Even today, GTA 5 sells well on all major platforms. Just to show how popular it is, it recently went live for free at the Epic Games Store. Without any delay, the traffic of users trying to claim their free copy stopped the servers of the platform. Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

The servers have been down for several hours now. Epic Games recently commented on the issues that many have encountered, and it appears that they are trying to resolve the errors quickly. In fact, the activity has been so intense that the Fortnite servers have also been affected.

It’s clear. GTA 5 is still as popular as ever. It is not difficult to see why. This action sandbox game has everything you want with this type of genre. There is an incredible story to enjoy, many missions filled with hours of content and so much chaos to cause online.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more complete game that continues to sell well after being released for many years now. It doesn’t seem like its popularity will stop anytime soon, as fans are still waiting for GTA 6.