AdventureQuest Worlds Releases Their

In AdventureQuest Worlds, March is the month of evil. The warriors around Lore channel their inner darkness, their rage and embrace the warrior spirit that lives there. This month’s seasonal set pays homage to driving, with a new set straight out of the underworld: the Legion Warseeker.

Released on Sunday, March 1 at 12:01 a.m. EST, server time, players can now unlock Legion Warseeker’s armor and all of its accessories.

As always, there are two ways to get this equipment. First, players can purchase the Total package through the website. Players can purchase the complete package directly from the website for $ 9.99 USD.

Players can also purchase the

The total cost to buy all the equipment individually is 4,400 AC, so getting all the equipment in the pack saves 2,400 AC.

The set includes the armor of Legion WarSeeker, the pet Warseeker’s Skull, which has quests for household items, the Warseeker’s Skulls cape, the Warseeker’s Burning Skull helmet, the Warseeker’s Horned mask, the Warseeker’s mask Warseeker’s Horned Visor, Warseeker’s Visor, Warseeker’s Blade, Double Warseeker’s Blades, Warseeker’s Ax, Double Warseeker’s Axes, Warseeker’s Scythe, Warseeker’s Cape, Warseeker’s Backblades, Warseeker’s Bladed Cloak and an exclusive character page badge. AdventureQuest Worlds Releases Their March Seasonal Set For 2020 The Legion Warseeker

The March season armor post also mentions that each month the AdventureQuest Worlds team offers a new set, available only during that month each year. They mentioned the season sets they have released so far,

As always, the Legion Warseeker will return every March, so if a player can’t get it now, they’ll have a chance to get it next year.

If a player only wants one piece of armor, they can speak to Garek in Battleon. He will sell the individual pieces of the set until 3